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SPACE Chargers

Settling for a sub-standard charger (wall or car) can decrease your mobile phone’s overall performance and especially, its long-term battery life. Plus, such chargers do not last long enough. Solving the dilemma once and for all, SPACE Chargers are built to perform under any circumstance, boost charging speed and most importantly, they are priced reasonably.

Manufactured with premium grade-A materials, our chargers are the amongst the best in Pakistan when it comes to providing quality and compatibility. Apart from basic Wall Chargers, SPACE also makes Car Chargers for the travel enthusiasts, and Wireless Chargers.

Wall Chargers - Gone are the days when you had to thoroughly search for the perfect Wall Charger that is both, modish and works efficiently with your device. Fast charging is a demand that many smartphone users now have which is why SPACE has equipped its selected Wall Chargers with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, allowing rapid speed charging. SPACE Wall Chargers with their competitive pricing and classy range have changed the game, for the better. 

Car Chargers - A dying mobile phone on a long trip is truly a saddening moment. To keep the fun alive, SPACE offers a wide range of top-quality Car Chargers that are taking the market by storm. SPACE Car Chargers are created to make traveling as smooth as possible for the consumer.

Wireless Chargers - Moving along with the changing times, SPACE also offers wireless charging solutions. SPACE’s top-of-the-line Wireless Chargers - including its Fast Wireless Charging Pad [WC-141] - are the ultimate solution for those who are fed up of dangling wires and need precision. No need to choose between wireless charging and faster charging anymore!