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SPACE Power Banks

Since its inception, SPACE has unveiled some of the best Power Banks (also known as Portable Chargers or Power Chargers) out there. In fact, SPACE became the first domestic brand to enter the power solutions domain with after-sales support and services. And the reason behind this was simple – to tackle the first-world problem of having low battery.

Not only are SPACE Power Banks renowned for their creative detail and design, but are also recognized for their up-to-date technology. All Power Banks come with a 12-Month Warranty that can be claimed nationwide. Undoubtedly, SPACE has the most complete assortment of portable Power Banks that can serve as the ultimate travel buddy. Our range can be further divided into the following:

Compact Power Banks - Focusing on providing comfort that the consumer actually demands, SPACE’s Compact Power Banks are specifically made to smoothen daily tasks. And their light-weight profile makes them easy to carry and completely use-friendly.

High-Speed Power Banks - Is your phone taking forever to charge? Is the slow charging process making you late for everything? Well fast charging is the way forward. SPACE’s High-Speed Power Banks are available at reasonable prices to eliminate such unnecessary delays from your life. SPACE has always equipped its products with the latest technology and our flagship Speed PD + QC 3.0 Power Bank Series exemplifies this. Speed Power Banks feature both, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery (PD) technology

Wireless Power Banks - Why settle for less in this fast-moving world when you can always upgrade to a better option without burdening your pockets? Our category of Wireless Power Banks is for those who want to relieve themselves from dangling wires and low battery.