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SPACE Earphones

Earphones have evolved. The initially used simple earphones with no quality or bass, transformed into power-packed sounding and impeccably designed earphones with the passage of time - that’s SPACE Earphones. With its best Wired Earphones and Wireless Earphones (Bluetooth Earphones), SPACE keeps adding new products to its massive line, providing many options to choose from.

Wired Earphones – Commonly known as handsfrees in Pakistan, Wired Earphones have gradually become an integral part of everyone’s daily life. Be it your regular commuting on public transport or going on a long adventure, we all require earphones to kill boredom and infuse excitement. At SPACE, we have constantly delivered latest and advanced additions to our SPACE Wired Earphones category to meet the demands of our users. Launching Lightning Earphones [PD-542I] and Type-C Earphones [PD-542C] as part of our flagship Pods Supreme Earphones series has been one such initiative.

Wireless Earphones – With its aim to make the future completely wireless, and maintain the technological pace as well, SPACE has constantly introduced new Wireless Earphone variants. Making user listening experience soothingly stress-free, SPACE Wireless Earphones are infused with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology for surround sound and to reduce all unwanted noise in the background. Analyzing the high demand, SPACE’s Freedom True Wireless Earphones and Pulse Wireless Active Earphones with TWS technology became instant hits among users.